We live by faith, not by sight.  dreamer(s)

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Night of the hunter | John & America 


“Depends,” John says, and he rubs at the patched up wound. “This Sam got a last name?” There’s little to no doubt in his mind that this hunter Sam she knows is his son, but it pays to be certain. It’s good to know he’s making friends, but this girl, she doesn’t look like any hunter. Part of John feels like he should be taking Sam by the ear and shaking him for putting people in danger; but hunters don’t have to even say who they are or what they are to put people in danger, he knows.

John lets out an unexpected, surprised laugh, sipping from his whiskey flask and then tightening the lid and saying, “You invite every old bleeding man who stumbles into your church home for dinner?” It’s a little trusting for his tastes, but that’s not why John shakes his head. “I’ll make my own way. And I gotta go back and burn that spirit’s bones.” He gestures at this leg. “Thank you, uh - for this.”

“Yeah,” he nods. “Staying in-city, actually. This case got my attention, though.” John puts his things into his bag, casually reaching under the pew for his shotgun and hefting that in his hands. “Why?”

"Winchester, like the gun. Sam Winchester." He was a hunter who had a son named Sam who happened to also be in Dallas. There was no doubt in her mind now that John was Sam’s father. The situation made her giggle softly into her hand. 

She nodded in understanding, a soft smile still on her face. “You’re welcome. It’s become a bit of a habit of mine, patching up hunters and other people. Always stumbling into my path. I think it’s fate. I am here to feed and patch you all up. That’s certainly what I do for Sammy.” 

"Be careful." She didn’t say anything else, she stayed right beside John as the two left the church. They never locked the doors, it was against the Pastor’s ways. He believed every man had a right to the church, to come and go whenever he or she pleased. It was an open sanctuary for any soul that ventured into the holy walls. She watched him worriedly, arms held up slightly just in case he needed something to brace himself on if his leg became too painful to walk on.

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I am watching Lord of the Rings and like hardcore shipping Sam and Frodo right now, it’s ridiculous. 

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crawling under my desk tbh


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