We live by faith, not by sight.  dreamer(s)

Do you believe in angels?||Michael&America 



Meri’s mind was blown, despite the fact deep down she was freaking out, she remained calm. Her emotions didn’t matter. Perhaps she could help all these people, they seemed so willing to risk their lives for everybody, why couldn’t Meri?

“If you need anything, a place to stay, help. I’ll be willing to do that for you.” She looked up at the angel expectantly, her brown eyes full of caring, curiousity, and worry. 

He spoke so formally though, if he needed to remain anonymous, he needs to speak more loosely, more naturally, not so stiff, and he shouldn’t just be spewing this information to anybody that speaks to him, they’d blow a casket, and most likely send Michael to a highly guarded psychiatric unit. 

“Michael, you probably don’t want everyone finding out about you, and what’s going on. So you can’t just tell everybody when they speak to you, I know this involves lying, something I disapprove of greatly, but it’s to protect you and the people. And in order to pass for a human, you need to relax, stop talking to stiffly, speak more naturally.” Standing on her tippy toes, she placed her small hands on his tense shoulders, giving them a soft rub and squeeze, trying to make him not look so stiff and orderly. Most human didn’t walk around with their backs all straighten up and their shoulders so stiff. 

“Stay?” Michael looked down at her, a brow arched.  The thought of settling in one place unnerved him.  This wasn’t his plane of existence.  This wasn’t where he belonged.  Why would he stay here? The notion of her trying to help him was just as curious.  Humans didn’t help angels.  It was supposed to be the other way around, according to God’s will. 

“I do not lie.  And I see no reason to hide the truth when what will soon come to pass shall affect all of you.  Would you rather not be informed and be caught completely off guard?  Your historians have written so much on the subject, on the coming end of times, that I hardly doubt what I have to say should come as any surpr—.” Usually verbose, Michael cut off the moment Meri touched him, starting a little.  He looked over at one of her hands then at her, bewildered.  ”What are you doing?”

Meri froze at the sound of his voice, she took her hands from his shoulders, clasping them behind her. “I-I was just massaging your shoulders to help you look more at ease, you’ll attract attention with the way you are standing. You look as if you’re a statue, not a human.” She didn’t really know what to say. She was so used to people not minding her intrusion on personal space, since she did really have any. She loved holding hands, hugging, snuggling. It was her thing. When she was a baby her mama used to say she loved loving.

"B-but you really can’t tell people, you don’t know how they’ll react, and I certain it won’t be how I did." She told the angel, he didn’t seem to be grasping the whole, ‘humans aren’t simple, they are all different, you’ll either come off as crazy, scary, or if they do believe you they’ll become crazy’ thing. 

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